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Silicone Spray
Perfect for lubricating non-metal surfaces that contact with metal, nylon, cardboard, fiberglass, wood or plastic surfaces. Special non-staining formula. USDA H-1 rated.

MP Metal Protector
Disperses water and protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. Penetrates existing rust build-up. Also dries wet electrical systems. A must for any home or shop. Keep a can in your vehicle, too.

Heavy Duty Metal Protector
A heavy duty spray lubricant fortified with special rust and corrosion inhibitors. It penetrates and adheres to metal surfaces, leaving a long lasting protective coating. Ideal for motorcycle, bicycle and ATV chains.

Engine Flush
Cleans the crankcase, upper end and other lubricated areas for maximum efficiency and performance. Preps engines for installation of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil. Flushing requires one can per vehicle. (4 to 6 qt. oil capacity)

Synthetic Grease
Superior protection for wheel bearings and other components operating in high temperature / high-speed, high-load/low-speed, or water immersion conditions. Spray formulation ideal for greasing hard-to-reach equipment. Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound stays in place and protects over a broad temperature range without flaking in low temperatures or softening in high temperatures.

Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease • N.L.G.I. #2, EP, GC/LB
Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease • N.L.G.I. #0, #1 and #2, EP, GC/LB
Synthetic Multi-Purpose Spray Grease • N.L.G.I. #2, EP, GC/LB
Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease • N.L.G.I. #1 and #2, EP, GC/LB
Synthetic Water Resistant Grease • N.L.G.I. #11/2, EP, GC/LB
Synthetic X-Treme Food Grade Grease • (USDA H-1) N.L.G.I. #2
Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound • AGMA 14R
Synthetic Lithium Complex Spy Grease • N.L.G.I. #00, EP


Vincent P. Platania, Jr. - Independent AMSOIL Dealer

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