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Synthetic Gear Lube
Outperforms conventional petroleum gear lubes. Reduces friction for improved fuel efficiency. Gears run cooler and last longer. Stays fluid for easy cold weather shifting. Excellent for use in passenger cars and trucks requiring an EP gear lube, including those with limited-slip differentials.

Series 2000 Synthetic Gear Lube Series 2000 Synthetic Gear Lube
• SAE 75W-90
• GL-2 through GL-5, MT-1
• SAE 75W-140
• GL-5, MT-1
Synthetic Gear Lube Synthetic Gear Lube
• SAE 75W-90
• GL-2 through GL-5, MT-1
• SAE 85W-140
• GL-2 through GL-5, MT-1
Synthetic Gear Lube Synthetic Gear Lube
• SAE 80W-90
• GL-2 through GL-5, MT-1
• SAE 80W-90
• GL-4, MT-1

100% Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid
Exceeds the performance requirements for domestic and foreign automatic transmission fluids. Provides automatic transmissions, power steering units and hydraulic equipment with excellent lubricating protection and better performance over a wider temperature range. Resists oxidation and thermal breakdown. Provides low temperature protection. Formulated with excellent wear protection to last for extended drain intervals. AMSOIL ATF is formulated to meet or exceed the following performance specifications:
GM; DEXRON II, DEXRON III • Ford; Mercon, Mercon V • Chrysler;
ATF+ thru ATF+4 • Allison; C-3, C-4 • Caterpillar; TO-2, TO-3 • Voith
Commercial; Opel & GM Strasbourg
Use where ATF is recommended in Mobile or Stationary Hydraulic and Power Steering units.

Supershift Racing Transmission Fluid

Specially formulated for high horsepower and torque conditions. Provides quick, solid shifts. Automatic transmissions do not slip, helping racers improve on elapsed times. Delivers unmatched friction reduction and reduced wear so clutch plates and transmissions last longer. Provides maximum torque transfer and brake power while resisting oxidation and thermal breakdown.
Supershift Racing Transmission Fluid • SAE 10W

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