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Reusable Air Filter
Provides unsurpassed air filtration performance. Stops and holds more dirt than conventional air filters. Allows 30 percent more air flow than paper air filters, improves engine performance and fuel economy. Cleanable and reusable. Designed for years of dependable service.

Foam Filter Oil

Designed specifically for AMSOIL Reusable Air Filters. Special “high tack” oil for long term effectiveness. Traps and holds dirt and dust particles.

Pod Air Filter
Designed for small engine applications. Easy installation. Stops more dirt than conventional air filters. Improves engine performance. Cleanable and reusable.

SDF Engine Oil Filter
AMSOIL SDF Filters are composed of a special cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media to provide longer life and improved efficiency. Performance tests demonstrated that AMSOIL SDF Filters provide up to 100 percent more capacity than other leading filters. They also achieve nearly 95 percent operating efficiency, outperforming all major brands. An oil pressure relief
valve assures proper oil flow at all times under all operating conditions. Each heavy-duty case has a drawn steel double-crimp at the base with rolledunder
seaming. An anti-drain back valve keeps dirty oil in the filter when engine is not running.

SDF Truck Engine Oil Filter
Features the proven effectiveness of cellulose media blended with synthetic media. Extra efficiency and capacity to handle extended drain intervals. Added
protection against harmful oil contaminants for equipment operating under extreme conditions.

SDF Motorcycle Oil Filter
Comprised of a high performance cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media for longer life, more capacity and improved filtration efficiency in today’s high-stress motorcycle engines.

Hastings Filters
AMSOIL also offers Hastings filters to complement the AMSOIL filter line and meet virtually every transportation and equipment need.

• Oil • Fuel • Air • Crankcase Breather
• Coolant • Positive Crankcase Ventilation
• Automatic Transmission Fluid • Hydraulic


Vincent P. Platania, Jr. - Independent AMSOIL Dealer

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