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Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filter
The ultimate in filtration technology. Removes water and wear-causing particles. Keeps oil analytically clean. Extends oil service life. Virtually





Remote Oil Filter Mount
Standard engine oil filter is mounted in a convenient, remote location for quick, easy servicing. Larger oil filter size increases dirt-holding capacity. Increased oil volume for greater cooling and longer service life.eliminates engine wear.




Dual-Remote Oil Filtration Mount
Versatile system combines full-flow and by-pass oil filtration on a single mount. Easy installation. Filters are mounted in a convenient, remote location for quick, spin-on servicing.




Dual-Gard Oil Filtration Mount
Links two AMSOIL By-Pass Filter Elements together for engines with sump capacities over 20 quarts. Allows fast and simple servicing with spin-on elements.




Vincent P. Platania, Jr. - Independent AMSOIL Dealer

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